Meaning of life in New era 

  1. It is annoying, working hard several hours a day even though you might not like it and having a little excuse in back of your mind to skip it to enjoy what you want to do. For Most of us we just pushed our happiness ahead. We say to ourselves that when that particular thing I will achieve then it will be the happiest moment of my  life but that never comes because in this new era we are striving for more. We are just not happy in present inspite of that we keep worrying to be happy in future. In number of ways we can find that tremendous amount of pleasure by being present in today. several people when they get back from work with tired faces this tells us that they are not happy in this era because this era’s mighty forces stopped them from doing the things they love by pushing them in a web of their dislikes. So what is the advantage of this so called new era if people are still striving to survive and people are not in their comfort zone to do their best. “It’s better to have nothing if you are happier in anything that you dislike”.